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Saturday 04/14/2018 Free & Open to the Public Keynote Speaker: Prof. Roberto Gonzales
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Tips for conference attendees

Parking tips:

The earlier you arrive, the easier it will be to find parking. Please allow yourself at least 30 extra minutes to find parking and walk to the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union (also called Reitz Union or the Reitz).

Reitz Union is in purple and lavender, marked with an “XII” on the parking map at the link below. The address is 686 Museum Rd, Gainesville, FL 32611.

  • In certain lots, parking is free and open to the public from Friday 4:31 p.m. to Monday 7:29 a.m., unless otherwise marked.
  • This typically includes lots marked  green, including the large commuter lot on Gale Lemerand Drive, just around the corner from the Reitz (about a 7 – 11 minute walk).
  • This typically includes lots marked orange, including the large garage on the corner of Museum & Newell, just down the road from the Reitz (about a 7 – 11 minute walk).
  • You may notice lots in these colors closer to the Reitz, but they tend to fill early, so please plan accordingly.
  • Do not park in Brown lots of reserved spaces. Be sure to double-check signs before parking. See this page for full list of parking regulations:

Lodging tips:

Transportation tips:


  • Gainesville (GNV) Airport
  • Jacksonville and Orlando airports: both are approximately a 1.5-2 hour drive from Gainesville (the Jacksonville airport is closer; the drive from Orlando includes toll roads)

Local Transit

  • The Gainesville Regional Transit System (also called RTS) will run a typical Saturday schedule during the 12th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences.
  • Several RTS buses stop in front of the Reitz Union or at another bus stop within a five to fifteen minute walk of the Reitz.
  • On Saturdays, RTS buses tend to run between every fifteen and thirty minutes. Some routes stop running in the late afternoon, rather than continuing to run until the late evening.
  • You can visit this website or download the app to see when the bus will arrive to your stop: TransLōc map of where your bus is now

Other Visitor Information Resources

See you on the 14th!