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About Florida Society of the Social Sciences (F3S)

Florida Society of the Social Sciences, or F3S, is a student organization registered with Student Activities and Involvement and funded by UF Student Government.

F3S is led by graduate students at UF who aim to (1) cross-fertilize the social and humanistic sciences in Florida, and (2) provide spaces where emerging scholars can grow and cooperate while promoting social justice, (3) provide opportunities for all students to develop their professional skills and research agendas.

For twelve years, the organization has met these aims through organizing monthly meetings, periodic workshops, and the Annual Conference of the Social Sciences. F3S enjoys a lasting legacy of support from the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, Student Government, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and several other campus partners.

At the Annual Conference of the Social Sciences, over one hundred graduate (and several undergraduate) students from UF and surrounding colleges and universities meet at UF to showcase their research. Hundreds of other students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members attend the conference, eager to discuss this research.

In recent years, as F3S has grown, the geographical and substantive reach of presenters has expanded, the interdisciplinary dialogue has deepened, and conference cosponsors have become more numerous, diverse, and engaged.

Going forward, F3S will maintain its commitment to making space for interdisciplinary dialogue, and its focus on creating ties and building capacities that will improve the well-being of Florida’s emerging scholars and its communities.

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